Six Tips To Master Your Equity Principal Audition

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Before coming to any EPA of mine here are some helpful tips to make your audition more productive.
1. Make sure that your photo and resume is up to date and looks like you. 
  • In an EPA situation I am seeing many actors that I do not know.  If I can’t identify you by the photo that I have in front of me, you have the possibility of falling through the cracks.


2. Be sure to be familiar with what will be in the season that you have come in to audition for. 
  • Mention the plays and roles that you are most interested in, i.e. the plays and roles that you are right for.


3. Bring music and/or a monologue that are in the style of the plays that you are most interested in.


4. Make sure that your book is well organized so that you don’t waste too much time thumbing through it. 
  • Often times my accompanist will suggest a piece of music from your book that would be more appropriate to the season or show.


5. Have an additional monologue or piece of music ready to go should I want to see something else.


6. Without being rushed or curt get straight to your work.
  • The time allotted in the audition room by Equity is very short.    Conversation can eat up your time in the room.  If I initiate conversation, so it be. Then it’s my bad and Equity will just have to adjust.